Lingua Loca stands for in-the-pocket grooves, a roaring horn section and way-out
lyrics. Eleven musicians making the ground quake when they’re on stage. Love for the
music. Ecstatic gigs. People jumping up, around and getting down. Lingua Loca stands
for organic and authentic hip hop.

The 11-piece band from Tuebingen / Southern Germany has formed in 2003 and is
since then pounding clubs and festivals in and around Germany. In 2008, after two
EPs and various appearances on samplers, Lingua Loca recorded a fabulous live
album which was released nationwide. This CD/DVD impressively highlights the band’s
energy and intoxicating force on stage. But Lingua Loca's ungovernable creativity
demands for a continuous evolution of their music. So the band released a new EP
called "Alles in Bewegung" in 2009. It accentuated
the contrast between raw, stomping party tracks and subtle, intuitive songs.

With this intriguing blend of music Lingua Loca toured Germany in spring 2010.
And this was just the warm-up for an even hotter festival summer!
This year, in 2011, the first studio album "ELF" has been released.
A new episode of good and emotional music has begun! See for yourself!




  • Ari Chicago (vocals)

  • Tobias Karrer (vocals)

  • Emanuel Vogel (drums)

  • Valentin Link (bass)

  • Oliver Grob (keys)

  • Sebastian Zeeden (guitar)

  • Benno Dahl (guitar)

  • Philipp Butters (DJ/percussion)

  • Frederick Vogel (sax)

  • Philipp Mattes (trumpet)

  • Martin Mangler (trombone)

  • Kai Beck (technics)

  • Holger Putzhammer (technics)




    • 2011: LP ELF, Elf-Studios Tübingen

    • 2009: EP Alles in Bewegung, Klang Box Oberriexingen

    • 2008: LP/DVD Lingua Loca Live, Bauerstudios Ludwigsburg

    • 2007: EP Lingua Loca, Bauerstudios Ludwigsburg

    • 2006: EP Fußstapfen