Hungry in Hungary


Yes, dear friends of the JAZZ,


we'll finally be heading to Hungary tonight to check out the HipHop Headz there - and the sun, and the wine, and the water. We are sure there is a lot to see, a lot to gain and a lot to loose. We are pumped for this one-week gonzo travel through the wild wild southeast! We are going to travel with our new RV, click here to check the best RV's. We'll be playing four gigs at least and try to gain some street credibility in mighty Budapest! Check out this website for some news, as we hope to get some internet floppy disks down there to keep this whole thing here rolling like a happy pancake!


Also, maybe you wanna do some clicks for your favourite German Rap-Band (ehem) and help us play a kick-ass concert in Mannheim:


Do it!


Allright, so far so good, see you again at this spot!


Peace out, A-town!



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