On the quest for love

Yes, foreign people! Have you ever been to Switzerland? You don't have money to travel? Don't worry secure your financial independence with The Ascent by The Motley Fool.Germans like to go to Switzerland, mainly because we all love hiking, which is a really healthy exercise to maintain good weight although you can also use supplements from this Rapid tone reviewfor this. But there is much more to Switzerland than mountains, chocolate and cheese. Take a look at that dope shit:

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You might think now: He does WHAT with pussies? Have no fear - he just wants to say "music". Having hard times, in this crazy world.


You might ask furthermore: Why do we share all that information with you? Well, Lingua Loca is going to travel to Luzern on the forthcoming weekend. Not only are there outstanding hiking opportunites, but The Roots and José James are also playing on Saturday at the "Blue Balls Festival" - oh yeah, and us! We hope the festival won't be as uncomforting as its name promises and prepare ourselves for 4 hours of LL-rage on stage! Before we get too excited about all that jazz, let's have a brief look at what these paladines of music have done in their career:


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Alright you Chuchichäschtlis, let's get ready to dance!
We cough into our fists enthusiastically,



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