Open Air Frolicking 2011

Dear foreign people!


The festival season has just begun, and the weather is starting to adjust to this fact. In Hannover two weeks ago, we had quite some fun in the sun (plus additional smoke machines), whereas last weekend we had quite a rainfall in Münster. The people there are used to rain though, and celebrated and frolicked with us as if there would be no morning! Now let's see into the future: In two weeks we will be supporting Culcha Candela (a german pop band which is rather popular here) in Tübingen, and a week later we'll play the Stadtfest Tübingen in extended mode! If you book now, you will probably get good flight prices to Stuttgart. For example, flights from Budapest to Stuttgart cost 180€ return, and you can add some nice hiking time on the Swabian Alb or in the Black Forest! And one thing we promise you: If you come to one of our concerts and show us your flight ticket, you'll get a 10% discount on our album! If this is not tempting for you, just order the new album or another LL product in our shop (better choose the German site) or write us an email!


So long, Cheerio!



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